Jesus Shows Us The Way

I believe that Jesus shows us how to live fully human. Many people will emphasize Jesus’ divine side to the detriment of his human side. We lose something crucial if we only see Jesus as merely God or human. Christianity claims Jesus as fully God and fully human. We need both sides. Jesus is fully God and fully human. Jesus shows us how we are meant to live and what it means to live with and in God.

The literal meaning of Christian is little Christ. This should point to how we who call ourselves Christian are meant to live. We are to be Jesus in some small way to those in our lives. People don’t need to be abused by the bible or be told how sinful they are or that they are doomed to hell. What people need is to see how a relationship with Jesus changes everything. They need to know and see how much God loves them.

Jesus is the best, deepest, truest, most beautiful revelation of who God really is. If you have seen Jesus, you have seen God. Through Jesus life, death, and resurrection we see the true living God. People love Jesus. They see in Jesus what is true, beautiful, and good. They don’t like religion or the people who scream about how God’s wrath will annihilate them. Yet, we read over and over how Jesus meets, loves, forgives, and heals the very people religious people bash and exclude. Jesus meets people where they are and loves them anyway.  Jesus embodies the maxim: God loves you as are buy way too much to leave you that way and calls us to the same.

I want to live my best life now not hiding from reality, but facing life head on. I know on my own I am not much, but when I am in community, when I engage others, and stay in relationship with Jesus I am better able to live the kind of life I want to live. Life to the full is life lived with and in Jesus.

To engage Jesus or God in relationship is not about having God or someone else live our lives but living as best we can in light of our deep commitment in the loving and living God of all. The life of faith is all about living as best we can in and through community. We don’t abdicate our life but live as deeply and authentically as we can.

‎Jesus will not make you happy. Jesus or ‎God will not live your life for you. Jesus shows us the way to life. Eternal life begins now! Jesus invites us on the way of life with him. But each of us must walk it ourselves. Jesus opens the gate or door, but each of us must walk through it on our own. ‎Resurrection is not just something that once upon a time happened to Jesus. It’s something we have been invited to live into.

The question is not will you go to ‎heaven when you die, but how will you live your life in this very moment. Will you live your life with love, hope, joy, and peace?

The choice is yours to make; no one can make it for you.

What will you choose: life or death?


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