My First Few Days

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted something. I do intend to post more frequently know that I am here in Dubuque.

I am now on the campus of the University of Dubuque. I survived a 30 hour bus ride and I am now settled into a townhouse on campus. I want to forget about the bus ride. It wasn’t fun; the best way to put it is that it was awful. Whether it was sitting next to the latrine or having some rude guy’s elbow in my side all night or being forced to eat only McDonalds. I don’t want to go over that. I have said enough about my journey to Dubuque.

Once on campus, I encountered one wonderful person after another. The last few days I have been a series of events and activities all encompassed in orientation. It’s been about learning more about the campus, the facilities, getting to know teachers and fellow students. It was been at times annoying but mostly it has been interesting, insightful, and exciting. My excitement to be going to seminary has not diminished, but nervousness has. I have dealt with my sadness and I know that I can face any negativity that comes up. I am not saying that it’ll be easy. It will be challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it were easy, I would not be doing it. I want to be transformed and deepened by my time here.

I would like to speak a bit about the things I am giving up to be here and why, then I will speak about my hopes and intentions, then I will say adieu.

I am giving up being close to family, in familiar surroundings, a wonderful church and church family, my dog, and Starbucks.

Not all of those things may seem to be pressing. Such as familiar surroundings and Starbucks. But family, friends, and a dog are deep connections that I have made and are sacrifices that weigh on my heart.

My dog, dear Josie is a sweetheart. She gets sad when I leave and happy when I come home. I am sure she is in the dumps as I am thinking about it. If you think it odd that, I am ascribing human emotion to her, trust me it is not. It was hard that should read next to impossible to leave her. I want to take her with, but that is not possible for several reasons that I am not going to go into here. It will be sad to leave her behind. In many ways, it’s like leaving your best friend. You know you have to go that to stay to be with your best friend would be betraying where you feel you need to go. You would fault your friend for not living your dream. Even though, you leave your friend it doesn’t mean you don’t love your friend, but that to be your authentic true self you need to go. You hope to see your friend again. You hope to reconnect.

I won’t say much about Starbucks. I do miss my iced coffee. I also miss the wonderful baristas who knew me by name and the kind of drinks I liked.

I hope going to seminary will also help me in my personal spiritual journey. I want to study the bible deeper, explore theology more, learn more about Christianity, the church, and being a disciple of Jesus, and how to guide and lead at the local level. I want to discover creative ways of being the church and a disciple of Christ.

For me seminary is the next logical step on my journey. I know Iowa and seminary is different from what I knew most of my life. I want to explore and experience all that it has to offer. I want to meet new people and discover new things. I hope this whole process will be one of greater discovery and learning. My hope is not to be the next Rob Bell or John Piper, but to be the most authentic and transparent leader, teacher, and friend that I can be. I believe that The University of Dubuque and Seminary will help me with this that my time there will bless others and me now and throughout my life.

God’s spirit was working covertly to get me to where I am and to bring it about I had to experience certain things, some good some bad. It all led me to feel called to go to seminary in Dubuque. One could also argue, though I will deny it that it’s just a random gelling of circumstances with no meaning whatsoever. I trust God is in it. That no matter how difficult, frustrating, and challenging it is that it will transform me and bless others. That God is in the process, moment, and outcome of all of it.

Grace and Peace


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