The Table of Jesus

In The Eucharist, we come to the table of Jesus remembering who he is, what he did, how we are saved, what it means to the people of God, and where we are headed in and through the person and work of Jesus on the cross. We remember, acknowledge, discover, and embrace our true reality—the Kingdom of God. We throw our lot in with Jesus who is the bread of life. Real life is found in Jesus alone. By accepting the bread and wine, we recommit to following Jesus. Jesus who suffered on the cross died and raised three days later to new life now bids that we come and die. The bread and wine nourish us in such a way that we can invite others to new life in and with God.

As long as we are clinging to our life, power, and ways, as long as we insist that we can do it than we will never experience Jesus’ power. The moment we die to self, lose ourselves, and take our true place, we will experience the depth, fullness, and vitality of Jesus. Only in recognizing our death, lostness, littleness, and lastness are we enabled to see the grace that has already been ours.

God’s grace is sufficient for our need, but we should repent now. There is urgency to the call of Jesus. Jesus offers forgiveness of sins to all who confess their need and respond to his grace. Jesus welcomes all who trust in him. A Savior is only use to one who sees the need to be saved and trusts in him. You cannot rescue a man who is no need of rescuing. Some are drowning not realizing that they need rescue. The moment we turn to Jesus saying help, He will save us. It’s already ours. Our repentance, our response adds not a thing to God’s unbelievable love and radical grace. Repentance and response merely allows us to recognize and live in and towards what God has already done for us.

Jesus saves us from ourselves and the lies of the world, so that we can live fully here-and-now. It is in Christ that we can live the kind of lives we all dream and hope for, yet Jesus doesn’t promise we will never suffer or stumble. He does promise that in the darkest times he will be with us. Jesus is with us in the darkest times, when we don’t think we can go on Jesus whispers his love to us. Jesus is not concerned with us believing the right things, going to the right churches, hanging out with the right people, or our personal happiness. Jesus is in the business of making us the kind of people that can live in the kingdom. Jesus is not a watchdog of the church. Jesus is not a self-help guru. Jesus is not a slot machine.  Jesus is loving and welcoming, inviting all into the loving, grace-filled, beautiful and wondrous arms of a God who doesn’t need us, but wants us.

Jesus never asks we clean ourselves up to be presentable to God to earn the love and grace of God. He knows we cannot. Jesus only asks that we trust him to be who he says he is. We only need Jesus. We are not called simply to believe in some detached intellectual way, but to trust and follow. If we say yes and follow him then our entire life will be transformed in such a way that we won’t need proof of God’s existence. We will know God is real.

Each has choice to make. Is Jesus who he said he was and acted as in history? Either Jesus is the son of God and the Lord and Savior of all or he is nothing. You cannot have it both ways. Either Jesus is in control and we are to pattern our life on his life, death, and resurrection or we are in control and it doesn’t matter what Jesus said. Make your choice. Make it today. I have made mine. I am not perfect at following Jesus and I need to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus, but I am resolute in my choice.


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