The Resurrection is Important

I believe in Jesus Christ, in the resurrection, and life everlasting.

Christianity is about something that happened; something that happened to and through Jesus; something that touches and transforms our life continually. Christian faith is centered on the cross. What led up to the cross, the event of the cross and repercussions of the cross throughout history is the story of Christian faith. The Christian faith is not about another moral teaching or some new religion or a book, object, or place. No! The Christian faith is all about one man—how he changed the world through his life, death, and resurrection. Our faith is about Jesus alone and what he did on the old rugged cross.

The tomb is empty, our cry: He is risen.

The resurrection of Christ is core to Christianity. If it were not for the resurrection of Jesus, Christianity would have never arisen to the heights that it did, and the Jesus movement would have been relegated to a footnote in history. In the cross, Jesus an innocent person was executed, abandoned by his friends and utterly forsaken by God. The resurrection is God’s faithful response to Jesus willingness to go all the way. It inspires hope for both the now and the future. The resurrection was not an arbitrary display of how powerful God can be; it was the inauguration, the in breaking of God’s kingdom, bringing with it a great hope for the future of this world and for those who cry out from the ground for justice.

N. T. Wright claims “The point of the resurrection…is that the present bodily life is not valueless just because it will die…What you do with your body in the present matters because God has a great future in store for it…What you do in the present—by painting, preaching, singing, sewing, praying, teaching, building hospitals, digging wells, campaigning for justice, writing poems, caring for the needy, loving your neighbor as yourself—will last into God’s future. These activities are not simply ways of making the present life a little less beastly, a little more bearable, until the day when we leave it behind altogether. They are part of what we may call building for God’s kingdom.”

The resurrection is without a doubt the most awesome, glorious, miraculous event in history.

The simple yet transforming fact that it actually happened makes it even more awesome, glorious, and miraculous.

This single event transformed the apostles 2,000 years ago, and it has the ability to transform us now. It points us to our ultimate destiny. N.T. Wright says that in the resurrection Jesus’ body was the one bit of earth to be already fully and completely colonized by the powerful, life-giving energy and glory of heaven. Through the resurrection, Jesus was putting the human project back on track. In Jesus, God has indeed overcome the problem caused by the eating of the Tree of Good and Evil and has also led the human race, at last, to taste the Tree of Life.

The resurrection is important. Proclaiming it as an event in history goes beyond saying the words, it is also, about how it affects how we respond to life. We proclaim the resurrection as true by loving and serving our needy brothers and sisters, by reverence of all of life, and by living in life-honoring, honest ways. The resurrection happened 2,000 years ago and happens every time we love our neighbor, every time we serve the least, every time we honor the good, true, and beautiful. It will happen to each of us as we enter eternal life now and later. The resurrection goes way beyond any one event, even the amazing event that happened to Jesus. It stretches way beyond our life and includes everyone in the loving embrace of Our Father, the God who is with, for, and ahead of us (thank you, Rob Bell).

I trust the resurrection as a truth we affirm with both word and deed. I am still learning what this means and I am fully committed to deepening my knowledge of what the resurrection really means for me now and later. God will handle the later.


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