The Word of Reunion

Luke 23:46</i>—Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last.

The last word from the cross is an announcement and not a request traditionally called ‘The Word of Reunion’ and theologically interpreted as the proclamation of Jesus joining God, Our Father in Heaven.

Jesus took on himself the sin of the world and took what we deserved in order that we may receive, by grace, what we do not deserve. In darkness, He paid the price for our sin. He took the wrath of God for us. He tells us to come to him, to lay down our burden and find rest. He took on himself our burden and felt its full weight on the cross. My sin, your sin, the sin of the world was nailed to the cross Jesus endured.

We were baptized with Jesus on that cross, but Jesus because he loves us took what was rightfully ours so that we don’t have to fear and suffer utter darkness and dislocation from God. In his saving act, Jesus made a way for us to have Eternal Life. He would not turn from his promise to save his people. For he is our Mediator between God and us, giving himself as ransom and purchased our salvation through the awful, desolation of enduring our rightful punishment.

The promise of eternal life is present in the suffering death of Christ Jesus on the cross.

At the cross, all sins were wiped away, as we accept and respond to Jesus’ saving act we begin to understand that we are forgiven already and need not fear. Our sins are wiped away. They are remembered no more. This was the day the guilt of our sins was blotted out, since Jesus, Our Lord and Savior was the perfect substitute for His people. This was when a sinless man suffered for the sins of all in order to reconcile all of creation back to God. Jesus spoke with a loud voice to let His disciples know, to let us know, to let everyone know that the Lord Jesus laid down His life voluntarily for His people; it was not taken from Him, but He laid it down of His own power. He had completed the payment for our sins.

Jesus suffered death on a cross, so that we might live to the full now and into eternity.

Here in Luke’s Gospel, we have the moment Jesus surrendered his life into God’s hand. What we can take from this is God is in control and we are not. Jesus showed us how to live—in communion with God and others, loving and serving neighbor. This life, the one we are living right now is a gift that we can only give away. We are not entitled to a thing no body owes us anything. The moment we begin living life as a gift we discover and encounter the God who is with and for us.


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