The Word of Relationship

John 19:26-27: Jesus said, “Woman, here is your son,” and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.”

This saying is traditionally called ‘The Word of Relationship’, in it Jesus entrusts the care of his mother to the “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” This shows us how much Jesus cared for the people around him and for relationships in general. He wants people to be cared for and to be in healthy relationships. Jesus wants us to live and love communally. He showed us with the way he lived his own life. One commentary says, “Even while dying on the cross, Jesus was concerned about his family. He instructed John to care for Mary, Jesus’ mother. Our families are precious gifts from God, and we should value and care for them under all circumstances. Neither Christian work nor key responsibilities in any job or position excuse us from caring for our families.”

This word says that we should put our relationships first. Our family and friends should know that they important to us. Our relationships are the laboratory of the heart and soul where we experience what it means to be the people of God.

Families are very important. I would do anything for my family, even though there are times when I disagree with them. They are still my home base. My mom is in a wheelchair and not able to do things as she once was. I do what I can for her. She has done so much for me and I want do what I can in gratitude. I have a handicap brother who needs to be watched constantly, so I help with him staying with him while my brother and Dad took Mom go grocery shopping and run errands.

As I write this, I am watching my handicap brother. My brother Mom and Dad are out grocery shopping. I am reflecting on relationships and what Jesus meant by commending his mom to his disciple and vice-versa. To do such thing in the middle of pain and suffering means something.

Take a moment—remember what you have done for your family and how you can help your family this day. Think of all the times you were there for your siblings, your parents, your children and think of all the times that your family came to your aide. Our lives are punctuated by times with and without family. Our families define who we and we will be. Our families give us both great joy and sadness. This is the day to celebrate and honor what you have done for your family and what your family has done for you. This is the day to consider how best you show your love and application for your family and friends.

Jesus cares about our families and wants our family life to be one of joy, love, hope, and compassion. He shows us how to live a fully human life and what it means to be a loving, faithful human being. From His birth and His death and resurrection, Jesus shows us what a truly and fully human life looks like and calls us to lead the same kind of life. These last words from the cross hints at ways of being fully human and we study them and the rest of the gospels to learn more and more what being human is all about.

This word tells us that we should, even while we are suffering care for those around us and arrange for them to be cared for. Jesus was suffering on the cross in the midst of a cosmic battle for the salvation of all and still he took time to make sure his mother would be cared for and his disciple would have a duty to carry out.

Resurrection is near, first crucifixion.

Grace and Peace


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