I’d Come For You

I would like to explore one of my favorite songs and how it relates to our life with God. The song I’d Come For You is by Nickelback. One might overlook or dismiss this if you don’t look closer at the lyrics. The Lyrics for me speaks about the coming of Jesus and what His coming means for us.

By now you know that I’d come for you No one but you.

Yes, I’d come for you, it’s true.

Give my life for you. You know I’d always come for you.

Jesus gave his life freely both before and at the cross. He poured out his life freely, radically, and wastefully meeting people where he or she was and guiding them to the radical grace of God. The way he lived and died shows us how we are to live. He poured out his life, so we might live life fully. Jesus did for us what we could never do for ourselves; He invites us to respond to the love and grace of God. Our salvation is all a gift, a gift to be celebrated, all God’s work in us nothing we do will add or subtract from God’s love and grace. When Jesus on the cross said, it was finished He meant it. It is finished. The one word that describes the gospel of grace is already. We are already forgiven, already made whole, already saved, graced, and embraced. We are already home free. It is not about religion, but relationship.

So if you’re ever lost and Find yourself all alone

I’d search forever just to bring you home. Here and now, it’s a vow.

By now you know that I’d come for you. I’d crawl across this world for you. No matter what, remember you know I’ll always come for you know I’ll always come for you.

In Luke 15, Jesus tells three parables about a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son. Upon finding the lost sheep, the man calls everyone together to rejoice. The same thing happens with the lost coin and lost son. In these three parables, we see how God sees and embraces the lost that are found. With the lost son, the father doesn’t wait for the son to plead his case and refuses to listen to his apology instead he throws a party. That is grace. Grace is when we are still far off God runs to us and embraces us even before we can say anything. Grace welcomes the lost without any strings attached. The sinner’s prayer is unnecessary to experience and respond to God’s unbelievable grace that is already ours even if we don’t know it. God’s grace is sufficient. To respond to Jesus and accept what he already has accomplished in us means to stop striving to be perfect and earn our way.  It means to begin trusting in God’s grace.


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