Facing Fears

We all fear something. It could be running out of gas, getting pulled over by a cop, losing your job, failing health, break up of a relationship, a friend moving away, a parent dying. It could be getting found out, getting mugged, some violence real or perceived, not getting into a school one wants to attend. Several things lurk in the shadows ready to spring on us, but maybe what scares us most is not the thing lurking as much that we won’t be able to face and overcome the thing.

Do you fear something? Is something going on in your life that causes fear, your heart to go icy and your flesh to crawl. Are you afraid that your best years are behind you that you will never see good times again? Many today are in this boat with the economy sagging, politicians arguing rather than working, and those who want to work unable to find a good job. Fear is seemingly our natural state.

Yet, I here to tell that fear is not natural. It does not have power over us. Fear is only a signal that we need to make a change to grow into the kind of person we were created to be.

Listen to Isaiah.

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (41:31)

Many places in the Bible it says do not fear. Over and over, God tells us fear not I am here I will protect you. I think it says this so much, because God knows we will face many things that will scare the crap out of us. God knows things lurk, creep, prowl, stalk and we fear all of them. We fear all sorts of things, even things we shouldn’t fear. We fear the unknown the most.  Yet, the thing we fear the most is that we are utterly alone and without hope. God is here to tell us this is not so.

We are not to turn to ourselves or something else. We are not to live life alone. We are to turn to God for He and He alone is capable to see us through whatever is lurking, creeping, prowling, and stalking us. God wants us to do life with him in all seasons of life it is God who is here to help, protect, and transform us. Nothing can ever separate us from God and nothing can ever defeat God. When we trust and abide in God, we will be held up. Even if what we fear, the most happens as long as we are in relationship with God we will face and overcome it. This is not mere whimsy. This is the truth. I know if what I fear most happens that as long as I trust God as my redeemer than I shall overcome it too.  

There is no fear in love. I know God loves me. I could never fear Him. I see God as my loving and gracious Father in Heaven who runs to me as he sees me coming. Through His Spirit, I carry with me a deep sense of God’s grace wherever I go. I try to spread it, to proclaim God’s love of all in word and deed. Fear is contrary to the boundless and unconditional love and grace of God. No heart full of the love of God can be gloomy. God’s love excludes fear because that brings misery and is inconsistent with the happiness of one who continually enjoys God. To fear and worry is to step out of God and make myself sovereign. When I embrace the hope and joy that God provides through Jesus I can only smile knowing God loves me. Life is good. Life is a miracle. With God, all things are possible that leaves nothing out.

The cross is the final proof of God’s amazing unquenchable love for us. God is for us, God loves us, and nothing will ever be the same. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. This amazing reality is what we are meant to live in and extend to others. Since God is for us, spiritual victory is assured. For us the cross expresses the eternal commitment of almighty love, God does not need us, but He does want us. He proves this by forsaking Heaven being born man living his life as an example of what a human is meant to be and dying a horrendous death so that we might have life to the full.

 God is love with us! He wants us so that he sent His son to put flesh on God and close up the religion shop by living the life of a common man, dying a criminal’s death, and rising on the third day. He did all this so that we can experience the love of God and know our real identity is as the people of God.

There is no fear in the Kingdom and that is where we are to live our lives. All sorts of things will crop up, but we can trust that God will handle it and that in everything He intends to bless us.

Grace and Peace


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