A Valentine’s Day Message (2013)

It’s Valentine’s Day!

This year it falls after Ash Wednesday, now I don’t want to read too much into this, but with Valentine’s Day as part of the Lent season and leading a study of Song of Songs at church, I am thinking maybe God is saying something. I could be reading way too much in it. I think God is saying that love is part of the journey and the love I seek is out there that the best days are not behind me, but in front of me. I feel like I am on the cusp of a great adventure of stepping into my true self toward all I’ve ever hoped for… or maybe its indigestion.

I would like to offer you, dear reader a message for this day.

Some of you may be taking your sweetie out to dinner or making dinner for him or her.  You’ll be exchanging presents bought or made by your hand. You will be relishing in each other, in rejoicing in one another. This could be your first Valentine’s together or it could be your twentieth or somewhere between. I hope you will cherish each other. I hope you will continue to honor each other in every way possible.  

I would like to share some words on this day.

This day of love and romance, my message is God loves you. This can be incredible to believe and some cannot believe this. In the truth of this sentiment is hope, light, grace, adventure. Embracing God’s love for us enables us to become the persons God intended us to be from the beginning. Embracing God’s love for us enables us helps us live life to the full. Embracing God’s love for us enables us helps take the risk of living radically and loving wastefully.

 The gospel of John gives us a new commandment love one another.

1 John says God is love.

Galatians 5 sums up the entire law as love your neighbor as yourself.

The Christian life is all about love. I see Christianity as a love story, as the epic romance between God and His son Jesus, between God and all of creation, and between God and each of us personally.

Love is at the heart of the Christian faith. To be a Christian is to love. Love is our purpose and our reason for being in the world. We show others the love that has already been lavished on us by God. God pours out his perfect love calling us to express and extend it to everyone we encounter. It’s sad that a vast number of non-Christians don’t see Christians as loving. We need to renew our call to love. We need to love, to love so much that this world this life will transform into one grand party of love and grace.

It is not always easy to love or accept love. We all have problems with loving others that block us from seeing others as God sees them. If loving others weren’t so difficult than it wouldn’t be such a noble pursuit. If it weren’t risky, it wouldn’t be so awesome. Love is something we all want. I know I do. I don’t have a sweetheart this year (again), but I know that must be hopeful and patient that love will enter my life soon. I pray that we who hope for this will soon find the love we yearn for, the love we seek.

The key I believe is found in St. Francis prayer when he prays let me sow love and I may not so much seek to be loved, as to love. If we want love, we need to love. Love is not something outside of us, but something we are deeply in our inner being. We need to love, to be love, and risk the possibility of getting hurt. Love can hurt. It is risky, but it is better to be hurt by loving than not loving. Love rocks! Be the love you want!

So, this Valentine’s day whether you have or don’t have a sweetie know that God loves you and in this knowing extend the very same love that God has lavished on you to everyone you encounter.

Grace and Peace


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