I Don’t Know Why

This is a very sad time for our nation. I am not sure what to write. I want to say something. I just don’t what I can say to comfort those hurting. My eyes are watery. I am not going to hide my feelings. I am sad. I want to say something that will make it better or at least bearable. Those children and their families were looking forward to Christmas and now a gun-wielding jackass has stolen it from them. I have no compassion for gunman and never will. I know as a Christian I am supposed to love everyone. I cannot love the cretin who took the lives of innocent children. I just cannot. I guess I am not that good of a Christian.

My prayers go out to the children, staff, their families and friends at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I don’t know any of them, yet I still sympathize with them. I pray for them. I hope you too, dear reader will sympathize with and pray for them too.

This is awful. I am not sure I have the words to make this easy to bear.

I wrote back in July about the Colorado shooting and here I am writing again about a similar shooting.

How many more must we endure before we do something about it?

The question that has been reverberating in my head since hearing of this tragedy is why—why did this have to happen?

I don’t have an answer to that question. I wished I could give an answer to all of you who are in pain, who have lost family and friends in this horrible tragedy, who are wondering as I am. I don’t know why someone could take so many lives. I don’t get it. I doubt we’ll ever understand.

There is no answer to the why question.

I don’t know the immense sadness of those affected; I have never suffered a loss quite like this. I hope I don’t. I hope that nothing like this happens again. I hope we will do all we can to reach out and lend a warm, loving embrace to all the family and friends of the victims of this senseless tragedy. I hope we will do all we can to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again.

I don’t know why this happened.

I don’t know how I can reconcile tragedies, horrors like this that happen and my belief, my trust in a God who loves unconditionally. A God who loves radically and wastefully and a world where tragedy is all too real don’t seem to be consistent. Corrie Ten Boom who suffered and seen much suffering in World War 2 said, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.” So, I and others must trust that God’s love will embrace the lost children and their families and friends. I believe that God and His love is bigger, wider, deeper, and stronger than anything that happens in this life.

I don’t want to marginalize this current suffering or any other suffering. Sometimes it seems life is full of suffering. I am not having a crisis of faith. I am wrestling, questioning, and examining why we suffer. I am sorry this happened. I want to provide some comfort to those suffering. This is such a large question. A question smarter and more compassionate men and women have wrestled and questioned before without coming to any good answers. Maybe, no answer will make it better.

One of the few writers who don’t trivialize suffering is Rob Bell. Here are some of his words.

Our tendency in the midst of suffering is to turn on God. To get angry and bitter and shake our fist at the sky and say, ‘God, you don’t know what it’s like! You don’t understand! You have no idea what I’m going through. You don’t have a clue how much this hurts.’

The cross is God’s way of taking away all of our accusations, excuses, and arguments.

The cross is God taking on flesh and blood and saying, ‘Me too.’

I don’t know the why, but I do know what we should do. We should pray for the friends and family of the wonderful, lovely, awesome, special people whose lives were lost today. We should stay positive and hug our loved ones more, tell them that we love them, show our appreciation of the people in our lives, offer a smile to everyone, love our neighbor, and give more of ourselves.

Bill Maher posted on FacebookSorry but prayers and giving your kids hugs fix nothing; only having the balls to stand up to our insane selfish gun culture will.

I agree with Bill Maher in part… prayer helps… nothing wrong with hugging your kids. I say hug them. But, come tomorrow we need to get to work and get rid of the guns!

A few years ago, I suffered my own small, personal tragedy, in the form of a break up. I did go through a crisis of faith then, but I pushed through it and with the help of friends and wonderful people from church came through it with a more mature, realistic faith. I know that even in the darkest night even when it seems we cannot go on that the world, as we know is over that a mysterious presence of love and grace surrounds us picks us up and sometimes carries us until we are able to walk again.

In the Catholic faith, the prayer to St. Michael is used when we need the armor of God. I agree with author Jonathan Edward that tonight is the perfect night for a prayer like this to combat the negative energy of the tragic day.

Here is the prayer to St. Michael:

Saint Michael the Archangel,

Defend us in battle.

Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Divine Power of God,

Cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

We need to get rid of all the guns (yes, all of them!) and help the sick and troubled. Let us pray for healing for those suffering tonight and that our nation will wake up tomorrow and work together for the best of everyone.

Grace and Peace



  1. Beautiful write, but I must take exception to your comment “we must get rid of the guns” the gun used in this tragedy or any other did not take those precious babies lives the MAN behind the gun did that using the free will God gave to all of us. If guns were not available then knives or bombs or incendiary devices would be used. I am NOT an advocate for guns but feel blame should be placed where deserved not on an inantimate object. God bless you and keep you.

    • You do make a valid point. A similar tragedy happened in China. The MAN there used a knife and while over 20 people were injured no one was killed. I do think that we need more restriction when it comes to guns. I wrote that post in the red heat of the moment. I know that if I had written a simlar post after 9/11 I would have called for the banning of air travel, so I know see that getting rid of all guns is just unrealistic. Our nation as whole needs to do better to care and nurture our kids.

      I want to thank you for reading my blogs and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013!!

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