Give us This Day

Give us this day our daily bread. Our physical health is necessary to our spiritual well-being, so after the things of God’s glory, kingdom, and will, we pray for what supports, sustains, and comforts of this present life. These gifts of God, and are asked and thanked for. I say a short prayer before meals, I thank God for the meal I am about to consume. Bread for the day approaching and for all the remainder of our lives is not just about food but also about the things, we need for our daily lives. From Food to kindness to the ability to live as we should, all of these things can be considered daily bread.

Asking for daily bread includes many things, here are some them. We ask for wholesome, healthy, and life enhancing things. We do not ask for the bread out of other people’s mouths and by saying this prayer, we look not just at God, but what we can and should do for others. Asking for our daily bread reminds us to live in the present for our daily needs and for the wisdom and ability to help others. We pray God give it to us, not sell it or lend it to us, but give it. We must be grateful to the mercy of God for our daily bread. We pray give it to us, not to me only, but to others with me. It is not just about me, but also about others. We pray that God would give us this day; causing us to renew our life with God, as the needs of our bodies are renewed; as the day comes, we pray to our heavenly Father, and know we could as well go a day without meat, as without prayer.

Prayer is important to life lived well with God.

The word bread here means everything necessary to sustain life. This petition implies our dependence on God for the supply of our needs and wants. As we are dependent on him one day as much as the next, evidently the intention of Jesus that prayer should be offered every day. Prayer offered daily reminds us how dependent on God we are and reminds us of our place in the world. A proper response to all that happens in life is prayer. Whether it is a prayer of thankfulness, a prayer of confession, a prayer of joy, a prayer of sadness, or a prayer of petition matters not. Praying for our daily bread is about each of these. It reminds us that on our own, we cannot get it done but in community with God, we can and will do what needs to be done on this day.

Grace and Peace


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