Why Math Is Important

I am currently taking College Algebra. I was not all that happy when I started, but I must say that it was one of my best experiences at school so far. I have learned more in this class than all of my past math classes. It’s been exciting, fresh, and frustrating. I thought I would share with you dear readers five reasons why math is important. This might spur you to jump into math like you’ve never done before or you just shrug it off and go on your way. Either way, I hope you are having a good day.

Reason #1: Life can be brutal. Knowing math may help you out through those moments.

This first reason is both honest and hopeful. Life is hard often punctuated by struggle, fear, and worry. It seems that there is always something looming on the horizon something to fear. Yet, this reason postulates that by understanding math one can solve for x and lessen or even eliminate moments of struggle, fear, and worry.

Reason #2: Math can help you be the best at what you want to be the best at.

Math as a universal language is one skill that can enhance one’s overall ability to work, handle life, and learn. Math is one of those skills that you can always grow and never stop learning about. Math widens one’s perspective of the world and by knowing how to solve for x and other seemingly complicated equations one gains confidence in other aspects of life.

Reason #3: Willingly being illiterate in the most important language in the world is really stupid.

This is stated negatively, but like all of these reasons is true. Math is a universal language. It is the same no matter what country you are in what language you speak. Math has even been called by some the language of God. So, ignoring or being scared away from learning math is stupid. Especially with a little grit, butt glue, and a good teacher, anyone can become fluent in this universal language.

Reason #4: Knowing math will help you be financially secure.

This reason alone should be good enough for one to become fluent in math. It could also point to why so many including our own country are in massive debt. Not knowing how and not doing the math can be disastrous for our personal and public life. This reason says that learning math can help with financial security and how wouldn’t want that?

Reason #5: Being intelligent, in general, makes you attractive.

Here is another very, very good reason to become fluent in math. If this reason is true and I believe that it is than everyone, particularly those wanting to attract a partner would want to be seen as intelligent. If there is even the slightest possibility, that math can and will aide one in getting a girlfriend wouldn’t one want to learn as, much math and become as fluent in math as possible.

Maybe these five reasons should be used more often than the teacher or parent grumbling just because to the question why is math important.

Maybe these five reasons should be used more often than the teacher or parent grumbling just because to the question why is math important. Just looking at the five above reasons math is important to all areas of life. The more I have looked at math the more it seems not only relevant, but also crucial to living a good and full life.

Grace and Peace


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