Thy Will Be Done

When praying that God’s kingdom come, we pray that we may really follow God and do what pleases Our Father in Heaven. This is not always easy. Loving others is not easy, staying true to our faith can be difficult, doing to others as we wish done to us can test the strongest, and extending God’s grace can be maddening. We do these things not because it’s easy or logical, but to show that the Kingdom of God is here, on earth as it is in heaven. We affirm Jesus Lord, Savior, and teacher by doing his will having prayed that he may rule us, we pray that everything may be ruled and ordered by him. Praying ‘thy will be done’ means saying ‘do as you please Lord, do with me what you will.’ I present myself to God satisfied that the Holy Spirit will evolve me into the kind of person that can not only live, but also always guide others into the Kingdom.

The hope that it might be done on earth, in this place where we live now, as it is done in heaven, that place of rest and joy displays how God has not and will not give up on this world or those who live in it. We pray that earth may be made more like heaven that this world will be place where war is not possible and saints are not needed. We on earth pray that we may better see and better live how we would like to live in the Kingdom. Christianity should be just about the next world, but this world and living to the full now and later. If our faith has no impact on the way we live here and now than it is worthless and should be shed. Our faith should affect the way we live, so that others can and will see what it means to have faith in Jesus.

To pray that God’s will may be done on earth as in heaven, is to pray that we live how we were created to live in and by God’s love and grace. In heaven, God’s will is fully realized. We should pray actively and happily that it also be done on the earth. We should pray for the courage to love others, stay faithful, and extend God’s love and grace to others. The hope of these first sections is that God’s name be glorified, his kingdom established; by being placed first, we learn that his glory and kingdom are of far more importance than our wants, and that these should be first in our hearts. Let us pray that our lives become more aligned to the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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