Thy Kingdom Come

Here we pray that God may reign everywhere. Reign personally, socially, politically, internationally, and in every sphere of life. We pray that God’s reign overtakes the world that God’s love and grace set the world right. We pray that the good news of Jesus preached and lived until the whole world is filled with His goodness. In this line, we are praying that through us God’s glory is present in all our words and actions. We are not asking that God make the world how we want it or give to us what we want, but that God and his Kingdom are made present more and more.

This line obviously a reference to what Jesus preached, John the Baptist preached before and what Jesus sent his apostles out to preach—the kingdom of God is at hand. The kingdom is at hand, pray that it may come more fully. Turning the word we hear into prayer, our hearts echoing it; we should respond to Jesus’ knock on the door of our heart with a simple come.

When the kingdom is at hand, we should pray more earnestly: thy kingdom come. Praying that God’s rule and reign are manifest in and through our life. Our daily prayer should be that the kingdom reign, God’s redemption expands, and Jesus comes near delivering his people. We should not just pray for the Kingdom, but live as we would want or hope to live in the Kingdom now. The kingdom is not some far place and time. It begins here and now stretching into the future. Jesus speaks the most about the Kingdom, yet he doesn’t clearly spell it out. He uses parables to hint and point to what the Kingdom is what it looks like. It looks like this and that. It looks like a mustard seed, found coin, a party, and the return of a lost son.

We pray not just for God’s reign for our world, but for our personal lives to, we pray that God take our life and use it. We pray that God’s reign to transform the way we live and relate. We pray for God’s Kingdom manifest in our lives, so through our lives people will see what God is like. We love, serve, heal, and bless others not for our sake or to anything but because God’s love compels us to. We pray to bring God glory by being Jesus to a broken world, by loving and serving the needy, by including the excluded, and joining in fellowship with others committed to proclaiming and manifesting the Kingdom here and now.

What does it mean to say that the Kingdom is at hand?

I believe this means that life, our daily life looks more and more like the life of Jesus. It also means that God is at work. Even in the darkest times, God is with us. It means that the world around is actively being blessed, saved, and graced. This can and does look different in different circumstances. In each of our lives, the Kingdom at God and God’s presence will differ. It could look like an addict getting better, a struggling student getting an A, a lonely person making a new friend, getting a good job after a long search, having lunch with a friend, reconciling with someone, or getting over an illness. All these I listed are personal ways that the Kingdom is at hand. There are also many ways in other spheres of life that the Kingdom can come near. The Kingdom is a whole life presence not just about our personal lives.

How is the Kingdom at hand in your life? How have you shown others that the Kingdom is at hand?


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