Hallowed Be Thy Name

Today, I want to reflect on the second part of the first line of the Lord’s Prayer.

The Holman Bible Dictionary defines Hallow as to make holy; to set apart for holy use; to revere. Holy is a characteristic unique to God’s nature that becomes the goal for human moral character. This idea is important for an understanding of God, of worship, and of the people of God in the Bible. Holiness is in tension with relational personhood. Holiness tends toward separation and uniqueness. Personhood determines relations and close communion. Holiness inspires awe and fear. Personhood inspires love. Both are in the Bible as necessary ways to think of and experience God. Neither holiness nor personhood alone can do justice to God. Both in their mutual tension help capture a more adequate experience of God.

We prayed to God Our Father in the beginning of this prayer, yet go on to say that God holy, other not to be idolized as Father. Father a human word only points to who God is personally to us. Yet, at the very same time, God is not anything like our human estimations of the word Father. God is different. Yes, God loves us and wants us to live our faith and through our lives portray to the world who God really is. God’s love is perfect and other directed. We give glory to God by understanding, adoring, and enjoying God. We give God glory by being his people in the world but not of the world.

We begin our prayers by praising God. We praise God for all God has done, as we come to him in prayer and worship we show our appreciation for what has already been lavished upon us. Getting should not come into our prayers. We can and should ask God to help us live lives that honor him, sometimes this means we petition for what we don’t have, but this should not be the reason we come to God. We praise God then God blesses us.

Our purpose and intent in all our petition is that God be glorified though and in us. All our other requests should be secondary. Our prayer and life are to be fulfilled in the glory of God. We do this by living as Jesus did—loving and serving.

When we pray that God’s name be glorified we are not so much asking God do this, but recognizing who God is. No human words will ever capture God, but only point or hint at Gods character. There is a proper order to things and the more we align ourselves to this the smoother our life will be. We ask for what already is true. God’s name was glorified in Jesus and is glorified each time we walk by light and truth in Christ.

We glorify God with our lips, when our conversation infused by the spirit we speak of grace to the others. In our thoughts, when we suppress every rising evil, and our tempers are regulated by God’s grace and peace. We glorify God, in our lives, when we begin, continue, and end our works to his glory. If we have an eye to God in all we perform, then every act will be an act of true worship. We glorify God in a particular endeavor when we separate lies from truth, darkness from light, and sadness from joy.

Take a moment today and ask yourself how you are glorifying God. If you can name a way you glorify God than thank God for it and do it with more enjoyment. If you find it hard than pray to God for a way to glorify God.

May our lives today and in the future glorify God and may we enjoy God forever.


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