Our Father In Heaven

This prayer begins as most proper prayers do by addressing God.

Before going on, we earnestly address him who our life is with, Our Father, God. Our prayer is not merely personal but also communal, about us and others. This prayer often said in worship addresses God first and primarily. It is about our relationship to Him who is Father of all and our relationship to and with others. Here we are taught who to pray to—God only, not to saints and angels. We are taught how to address God. The title we give him speaks to him as beneficent. We are to come boldly to the throne of grace there commune with the divine.

We address ourselves to him as our Father calling him so recognizes our proper stance to Him who created and sustains all. He is Father to all. This needs to be stressed. No one is outside the province of God’s love. We come to him in prayer. Jesus mostly called God Father, Abba. When we come repenting of our sins, we must see God as a Father, as the prodigal did (Luke 15:18).  The prodigal turned to his father and the father ran to him. In this first line of the prayer, we turn to God, to Our Father. When we come asking for grace, and peace, and the inheritance and blessing of sons, it is good that we come to God who is not as an avenging Judge, but as a loving, gracious Father.

God will save, bless, and grace us. We merely turn to Him; respond to what Our Father is already doing.

As our Father in heaven, he shows us how to live now towards heaven. Jesus showed and taught how human beings are meant to live. We are to love and serve the least among us. We are to be a blessing to others. Heaven is a place where God’s will is done, where all is welcome to the table. There are no tears and all needs are met in healthy and sane ways. As Our Father, He helps us do good more than we can ask or think; he supplies our needs, every good gift is from above. He is Our Father; we should come to him with boldness and reverence. All our prayers should correspond with our great aim as Christians to be with God in heaven. Our prayers should be more about giving and being than getting. Too many of us think more about what we can and should get out of prayer than how prayer can and should enhance our lives and all of the lives around us. God and heaven, the end and purpose of our whole life, must be particularly eyed in every prayer; the center that we are all moving towards. By prayer, we send our thoughts and concerns where we profess to be going.

If we are moving steadily towards Heaven shouldn’t our lives, our whole lives reflect that blessed assurance?


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