Letter To My Future Church

Dear Future Church,

This is my first in a series of letters to my future Church. Recently I described how I see that future church, so I will not do that here. In these letters, I wish to send out missives to the future, talking about where I am and looking forward to what might be. This letters are as much if not more about right here and now as they are about the hope for what may happen.

This Sunday at worship, we sang the popular song I Can Only Imagine. This song talks about how amazing it will be to see Jesus in Heaven and how incredible it all will be. I have heard this song before, sung many times, yet this time it stirred something in me. There were points when I was so overcome that I couldn’t sing. I stopped. I gazed at the cross hanging above the choir area. Jesus died for my sins. He did what I couldn’t and because of that, I am promised eternal life. Emotions flared in me. I felt the presence of the Lord hover above. This truly was a holy place. This has happened once before while singing a praise song that song: God of Wonders.

Music is one of the ways to worship, to be aware of what God has and is doing and show Him thankful praise and adoration. Music has power to convey what mere words cannot. Music will be a big part of our worship. I hope the congregants in our church will experience these powerful moments of God’s presence. That through song the holiness of this life and the next will be present.

This summer my pastors have been doing a sermon series on the Psalms. I have not realized how full the Psalms are and what is contained in them. The deeper I read and study the bible the more excited I am about what really is in there and sharing my findings with others. I know that in our church bible study will be important that we will form groups that meet weekly to study the bible together and help one another seek and love God more fully. Sundays, I will share what I have found in my personal study. Much as I do here in my blogs, I will preach from the sermon text. I know my findings will not always agree with everyone’s thought and thinking, but as I will listen to you, I hope you will listen to me, and together we will be able to seek and love God more fully.

Therefore, music and bible study will be important practices in our church. Some like hymns; others prefer more contemporary praise songs. Some would rather study the New Testament, others Old Testament prophets. Some like to sing-along, others like to listen. Some like topical bible studies; others want a deeper study of the books of the bible. I hope that our church will welcome all of these and make room for personal preferences while pushing each other to a more mature, fully realized faith.

I suppose this is enough for the first letter. I hope this is helpful and will be a good launching for discovering the community of the future while being present to the community of now.

Grace and Peace


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