Jesus, Homosexuality, and Me

Ok. Here I go again. I just might piss some people off with this. I feel compelled to share this. I hope you will keep an open mind and heart as you read this. That you will not think less of me as a blogger, fellow Christian, and human being.

Let’s begin with what Jesus Said about homosexuality and same-sex marriage.


Wait, that cannot be right. So many Christians think its wrong sinful demonic to be gay, so Jesus must have said something about it. Right? Let me check my gospels again. Hold on while I check.


Nope. That’s what he said. Nothing. Nothing at all.

OK. The Old Testament you say is the reason to hold onto the belief that homosexuality is wrong. The Old Testament also says it’s sinful to eat shellfish, wear clothes woven from more than one fabric, and eat pork. Should we still live by these old laws? Didn’t Jesus say it is finished?

Oh… now, you say the New Testament says so.

The New Testament seems to point to male prostitution promiscuity or molestation not committed same-sex relationships. Paul may have spoken against it, but he also said that women should be silent and not assume authority over a man. Should we live by all of Paul’s values?

Rev. Michael S. Piazza in his marvelous essay Homosexuality & Christianity writes, “The Bible never addresses the issue of homosexual love, yet it does have several beautiful examples of same-sex love. David’s love for Jonathan was said to exceed his love for women. (2 Samuel 1:26) Ruth’s relationship with Naomi is an example of a deep, bonding love, and Ruth’s words of covenant to Naomi are often used in heterosexual wedding ceremonies. (Ruth 1:16-17) The Bible clearly values love between persons of the same sex.”

I believe we should affirm love wherever it blooms and should not try to block or criminalize love between two committed people. Love is a beautiful, wonderful, awesome thing and it should be upheld as a God-filled ideal. Love is not an emotion or a thought it is an action. We love in our actions and by loving, we step closer to God. Love is a glorious thing. I believe that as Christians we should stand on the side of love. Love wins. Love has the final word and the word after that. Love is a verb as is Christian it describes an action a state of being.

Homosexuality is not a sin. I know by saying and affirming that I may be called a heretic or worse, but as a committed disciple of Jesus loved by God I must speak the truth affirm love and spread love, hope, joy, and light whenever and wherever I can. I am not asking you to agree with me. I am not questioning your commitment to really follow Jesus if you don’t. I am just saying what my heart and reason have discovered.

Rev. Michael S. Piazzacontinues, “The final, and central, message of the New Testament is that ALL persons are loved by God so much that God’s Son was sent as a means of redemption from a disease by which we are all afflicted. The cure for this disease cannot be found in any set of actions. Neither homosexuality nor heterosexuality is redemptive. God’s love through Christ was given to all people. If they are excluded from the life of the Christian community, who, then, will tell them of God’s inclusive love and of Jesus’ reconciling death? Are they left to assume that God is so narrow-minded as to exclude them for something over which they have no control and for a choice they did not make? When will the Church finally be brave enough to say with Paul, “in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave or free, male or female,” gay or straight? God has enough love for all!”

I have written extensively on the love of God how it meets us where we are yet transforms into the people of God, so I also affirm that God’s love is bigger, better, deeper, and more beautiful than any of us know. God’s love saves, blesses, and transforms all everyone into the children of God. God loves us first and in response, we are called to love everyone. We don’t do this on our own God loves everyone through us.

I pray that I may love more and I pray that you will see that no one is outside of the province of God’s love. God’s love is wide enough, deep enough, wonder and beauty filled enough to include all and to make all into heaven on earth.

Grace and peace


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