Thoughts and What’s Coming Up

I wanted to share some things with you my dear readers.

First, thank you for reading my blog.

This has been an awesome experience for me. I have grown much my writing down my faith journey so far, in formulating my thoughts on spirituality and theology. This is only a beginning. The future is wide open. Not just for this blog, but for myself as well. I sense a great future, many blessings coming from God that I will experience and share. I hope you will continue on this awesome journey with me.

I may make this blog into a more fully realized and interactive web page. I have looked into doing something. I want it to become more of a community than it is now.

I have wanted to make this blog a place where we can openly share our thoughts and struggles, our reflections and hopes, our victories and defeats, the good news and the not-so good news. Life is full of ups and downs and I believe we should share and fully live all of it. It’s all grace, all a gift, all a miracle. To be alive, fully alive is a miracle, is holy.

My bible study group has began a study on Ruth (then we will do Esther) and I will post my reflections and findings from this study. I have started a personal study of Romans and I will post my reflections and findings from this study. I want to delve deeper into the bible and share my reflections and findings from this study. My hope and prayer is these will be of help to you.

This Wednesday is ‘Luv More People’ day and I will post my thoughts on this day.

The last Tuesday of this month, I will present myself before the leaders of my church for the first step on my journey to become a Pastor and I will post my reasons for wanting to do so at that time. Wish me luck and pray for me as I journey forth where I believe God is calling me.

I have began writing what I hope will be my first book. In a few weeks (hopefully) or months I may ask some of you to be my first readers.

You can if you would like make me your friend on Facebook at!/robert.higgins.7

That’s all for now, I hope you are well and have an awesome Sunday and coming week!

Grace and Peace


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