I believe…

I believe in God—Creator, King, Father, Holy One, Eternal, incomprehensible almighty. He loves us personally and limitlessly as we are, but loves us way too much to leave is that way. God blesses us with grace, love, and peace. We belong in body and soul to God.

I believe in Jesus—Lord, Savior, teacher, Son of God, Son of Man, Lamb of God, redeemer. He incarnated, became human to show us the way to live here and now. Jesus is the vessel for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus heals, saves, loves, and forgives.

I believe in the Holy Spirit—giver of wisdom and knowledge. The Spirit dwells within and reveals our need for Jesus, guides us in all truth and light.

I believe that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus matters to us today that it transforms our lives here and now.

I believe that the Bible is the Word of God that it is informative and formative for our spiritual life that we should take its teachings seriously.

I believe that the church is good, helpful, and imperfect that it is in community where we learn best how to follow the Jesus way. Gathering together is one of the truly enchanting divine moments of life.

I believe that no one no matter who they are or what they have done is out of the province of the love and grace of God. God loves everyone and wants a personal relationship with everyone. He does not see us as we do or as other people do God sees our hearts what we long to be and what we can be then leads us guides us to that place where we can be that person.

I believe that life is a gift a miracle and that it is in giving it away freely and wastefully that we most experience life to the full. Life (and salvation) is both personal and communal.

I believe that Love Wins that love will always have the final word that when we love deeply and radically we find the love that we all seek. Love your neighbor is the entire law summed up. Orthodoxy is not about conforming to an ideal but about loving and serving the least among us.

I believe the written word is magical, powerful, and edifying. Reading can be a spiritual practice especially when we use our reading to communicate to others what life is really all about.

I believe in angels that God puts people into our life who will guide lead push pull challenge and provoke us into being the person He knows we can be. I believe people are good we may sin stumble mess up but in our hearts and souls, we are good. God transforms heals and saves us from our false self to be born into our new real self.

I may be a romantic, crazy liberal, evangelical protestant Christian, mystic, but this is what I believe.



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