My First Year

I have been blogging for a year, what a year it has been. My blog is part of my faith journey and my continued hope is that is has helped my constant readers in their faith journey. Some of you dear readers have been with me from the beginning others joined later, a few of you are recent additions to this blog. Some have commented, thanking me and pushing me to go deeper, and even challenge me on some of my ideas. I hope this site has been as helpful, transformative as it has been for me.

I tried to be more open and transparent about my feelings, where I am, where I hope to be, and my struggles in life and with faith. I hope this has helped you more than it has distracted you from your own journey.

I began by defending my appreciation of Rob Bell’s Love Wins went on to post my reflections from Dietrich Bhonoffers Cost of Discipleship then my problems and critiques of the Christian faith, have talked about my need for a savior and how I came to faith and posted my reflections on Advent season. I posted reflections on Lent and the final words of Jesus from the cross. I posted reflections on the St. Francis Prayer and my impressions from the class I led on this prayer. I’ve questioned and protested some things. I wrote about overhearing someone on public transport hoping that President Obama would be crucified. I have tried to use my blog as a way to converse on my Christian faith.

You can read about all of these on my blog and I hope if you are new that you will take a few minutes to look around.

For me, to journey with God means living in the world and facing each day with hope and strength not giving into despair or frustration. Life is not always the way we want it to be and faith to mean anything it has to enable us to live the bad as well as the good. God won’t do for us what we can and should do on our own. Also, faith is not about just us, it should point us outward to others. God loves us, but that’s not enough and is meaningless unless it strengthens us to extend the same love and grace to others at all times. Too often, we want God to endorse our agenda, but to follow God means giving up our desires for the dream of God.

I long to be a truly loving God glorifying, Christ-centered, humble human being really praying for the good of the other person, and myself as well. I long for a more passionate love for justice. Like peacemaker, I hope and pray to be able to reconcile enemies, to strengthen bonds, and to help all in need. I want to be a champion of the poor, oppressed, and downtrodden. My longing for these things is a sign for my longing for God, for God is truth, light, and love, the God of compassion and justice, the God of the poor and oppressed, the God who wastes nothing. The more I focus on the things, for which I long, the stronger the longing will be and the greater my loathing for whatever opposes this longing.

My hope for the second year of this blog is that continue to grow, to mature, to evolve in Christ that I increasingly share my life and faith and you my dear reader engage and challenge me. We are part of the larger conversation going on about how we live our faith, share Jesus, and manifest the Kingdom all to the glory of God. I am sure I will question, rant, challenge and wrestle as we go forward. This blog has only started and my pray and hope is that blog will have a larger voice and impact on the Christian Church.

My hope as I go forward is that my readers and I  is that God will work in and through us to be the Church, the body of Christ to a world that desperate needs the Kingdom of God to become a present and transformative reality now. May God use for his divine purpose of reconciling the whole world to Christ Jesus. May we, you and I both personally and communally be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.


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