I Am Progressive

A year ago in response to the question Are you progressive I wrote:

I would say yes and no to the question am I progressive. If by progressive do you mean that Jesus’ central message is about radical inclusion, faith as the search for understanding, the raising of important questions, the open honest doubt, and the realization that no one has it all the answers, practicing the great commandment: “Love God and love one another”, and Creating fellowships and communities that are dedicated to lifting up, affirming, and equipping one another for the work God then yes I am a progressive.

I believe to be a Christian you need to believe certain things–Jesus is Lord and Savior, the tomb is empty, sin is real, Heaven and hell are real places and experiences (read my blogs “A personal Review of Love Wins and A Follow up to…”, the bible is authoritative for faith and behavior. However, I have a hard time with the concept of the trinity, I am very uncomfortable saying people are going to hell (read my blog “Asking The Wrong Question“), and I do not read the bible literally, though I do try to take it seriously and apply it to my life without beating others over the head with it.  As my (senior) pastor says, when we read the bible we should let it point a finger at us and not use it to point a finger at others.

I suppose the answer is maybe.

I stumbled across the following definition of progressive Christian and if this is the definition you use than yes, I am a Progressive Christian.

For me, there is a big difference between being a liberal and being a progressive when dealing with our faith. Liberals tend to want to take what is already and make it easier to swallow for the culture at hand. while progressives tend to want to take what is already and reexamine it, rethink it, challenge it, wonder about it, dance with it, pray over it, fight with it, talk about it, argue over it, re-imagine it, question it, refocus it, and move it closer to the teachings of Christ—regardless of how it tastes going down. (John c. O’Keefe)

If that is what a Progressive Christian is than yes, I am a Progressive Christian. The majority of my posts would be examples of reexamining, rethinking, challenging, dancing with, praying over, fighting with, re-imagining, and moving closer to the teachings of Christ. The main purpose of this blog is for me to wrestle and be open with the struggles of my life and faith in the hopes to engage with people who have or are having the same problems. I hope that my writings, my thinking, my wrestling will help the people who take the time to read and respond. I believe that progressives do this wrestling, dancing, fighting, rethinking, refocusing not only for their sake but the sake of others.


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