On The Trinity

I don’t get the Trinity.

Yet, I am remaining open to getting it, to understanding it better. I doubt I ever get a handle on it, on God yet I hope and suspect that I can begin to know God. I believe that talking about God can never and should never replace experiencing God in our life. Having a relationship with God means and should be marked by interaction with Him. Prayer, love, forgiveness, and service are the true marks of life with and in God.

I am looking forward to my pastor’s class on the trinity. To say that is proof enough (at least for me) that God is guiding and leading me into a deeper experience of the divine. I don’t know if you have trouble with this, but if you do or if haven’t given it much thought I hope my reflections will help. If you are reading, this maybe God is giving you a possibility to experience the Trinity anew.

I would like to share a few thoughts about the Trinity.

We want yet are unable to capture hold pin down God. We want to put God in a box and say that is God and that is not God. We want to label what is and is not God and to impose our thoughts of God on others. Yet, as the Tao Te Ching says in its first verse: The Tao that can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. If you replace Tao with God you see that God cannot be named, labeled with human words or concepts. The one thing I believe everyone can say about God with certainty: God is beyond all human words. That means that God is beyond religion too, even the Christian religion. God is bigger than human words, religion, and cannot be limited by either one.

God is everywhere. The face of God is revealed in the climber who reaches the summit and gazes out for miles, in the skier who rushes down the mountain with the icy breeze blowing against him, in the mother who pushes through the pain to give birth, in the infant sucking his first breath, in the father who drops to his knees with heaving chest after burying his son, in first kisses, in final embraces, in consolation of a hurt friend, in the heart of an agnostic as he watches the sun set, in the first snow fall, in kindness of strangers, and the wail of a rescue vehicle. God is present in these instances and more. God is present in the goodness of human love and the heartache of a failed relationship and the grief of a lost loved one.

I believe what N T Wright writes about Jesus in his book Simply Jesus can be said about the Trinity too. He writes, “This is about everything: life, art, the universe, justice, death, money. It’s about politics, philosophy, culture, and being human. It’s about God who is much bigger than the “God” of ordinary modern “religion” that it’s hardly possible to think of the other two in the same breath.”

I suspect that by embracing the Trinity I will see this God who is much bigger and too good to be true, but is the loving reality at the nexus of the universe that changes everything that blesses and saves. By embracing the Trinity and the transformative new work that Jesus launched and is still in motion today, I will discover and become part of this mission to save and bless this world here and now that will stretch on into eternity. I suspect that the Trinity could be the path or at least part of my journey to become part of God’s revolutionary community of radicals who trust and proclaim that God is good.


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  1. I really appreciate how you are sharing this process…I suspect that there are quite a few people who find it difficult to comprehend the trinity who will benefit from what you are sharing here…For some this is similar to comprehending the dual nature of Jesus (fully God and fully man). Perhaps there is a dual nature in man’s approach to God as well? Wanting to fully understand while still wanting there to be mystery and awe…

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