My Problem With The Trinity

I have a problem with the Trinity. For a long while, I simply dismissed it as a fantastical concept that had no connection with reality. The Trinity was not true or at least I couldn’t or wouldn’t accept it as true. The math doesn’t work—three in one. Yet, over the last few years I have began to be more open-minded and willing to contemplate the Trinity as a Christian doctrine. I have further to go before I am willing to consider it truth and honestly say I believe in the Trinity. Having a pastor with a strong Trinitarian theology has helped, he has borrowed me a few books that have helped and how he explains it has helped too.

My bible study group has been reading through C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and most of the final section has been on the Trinity. Lewis explains the Trinity in a clam logical manner that you just want to believe him. You want to agree with Lewis on all the ideas he puts forth. The Trinity remains a sticking point for me. It’s caused me problems. Accepting or not accepting it will not cause me to stop believing Jesus and His gospel of grace or stop me from following Jesus, but it is a major theological truth in Christianity and so, I need to understand and accept it.

I want to learn more about and accept it as far as I possibly can.

My pastor begins a summer class on the Trinity this Sunday, so I am sure I will write more on the Trinity.

I say that no human words including the Trinity, which is a human concept, can ever fully describe or explain who God is. God is ultimate mystery and beyond human words or thinking. God is bigger than any human concept. I accept that neither I nor any other human will ever fully know or explain God. Yet, I believe that we are called into relationship with God and so we begin to know, understand, and walk with God here and now. This knowing, understanding, and walking will stretch into eternity.

I doubt we will ever fully know God, but that shouldn’t stop us from entering into relationship with Him. God will lead us into the places and to the persons who will help us to Know Him more and more. The good thing is this journey of knowing, understanding, and walking with God has no end.

My prayer for myself and my reader is that we will continue in our knowing, understanding, and walking with God now and into the future. Where it leads us none can know, but we can be certain that God will lead us where we need to go.


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