At Church

This week at church, I began my class on the St. Francis. I am no teacher. I am not a pastor. I am not a trained theologian. I have no formal theological training. I am smart, passionate and well read. The St. Francis prayer has helped me connect to God and I believe this prayer and the life of St. Francis can help anyone who wants to live a more humble, Jesus-centered, God-glorifying life. You don’t have to be Catholic. I am not. I have not even been inside a Catholic Church. Except for reading the occasional book from a Catholic author, the closest to the Catholic Church I have gotten is that my grandmother was Catholic before marrying my Mormon grandfather.

I was nervous, but also excited to share what I have learned and my passion for this prayer. The beginning of the class was shaky and I fumbled a bit, but the moment I put my notes away and just started conversing on this prayer, it went much smoother. I am even looking forward to the next class this Sunday. We will be talking about sowing love where there is hatred. From the conversation we had on the prayer as a whole in the first session, I am excited to hear what is said and where the dialogue leads us.

I am thinking about leading another study. I am serious about going to seminary and becoming a pastor, so this class is only a first step on my path. It will be a few months before my next class and might not happen until next year. I find the more I am involved and the more I interact with the people at my church the more I see my church as a community, a family. We are not perfect and we will stumble and step on each other’s toes more often than not, but we are committed to the way of Jesus.

Has there been exciting things happening at your church?

What happened at your church this past weekend?


  1. I’m glad you put those notes away! That prayer is so much a part of you, that I don’t think you need the notes…just open up your heart, and let it all just pour out…I see you as someone who has a wealth of deep thought and insights, just waiting to spill out and bless other people.

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