On Thank You

I am a cashier at a retail store, I always say thank you at least once to a customer, and when I page over the intercom I always end with thank you. It’s a way for me to say a small prayer. A prayer of thanksgiving and thankfulness, it’s not much yet it’s enough. It’s a way of saying God is here, this place even if it’s in the midst of commercialism is holy and you are a child of God It’s a way of surrendering to both God and the moment, surrendering to the undeniable fact that God is in the moment.

Meister Eckhart: If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is “thank you,” that would suffice.

I bring this up, because a customer mentioned how nice it was that I said thank you. How refreshing in our day and time to hear someone, anyone say this. It’s a simple word. Not much to it, really. I shared with her the quote. I didn’t say who said it. Yet, I shared with her a bit of my faith and how wonderful are those two simple words. I didn’t use names. The conversation was over in two minutes. Yet, I shared with her that faith and prayer can be as simple as those two words thank you. Thank you, simple and meaningful. Thank you, two words that can imbue power, hope, and light.

Have you said it with meaning recently?

I mean really said it. Have you told someone close to you thank you? Have you told a stranger, maybe someone serving you at a store or restaurant thank you and really meant it. Have you?

I challenge you, dear reader to find a person, a moment to say those two words from your heart and soul offering it as a prayer to God and the person or moment this weekend. Say, thank you and mean it. It may give you a moment to talk about, to write about, to share. You could take it up as a spiritual practice as a way of deepening your faith, your walk with Christ.

Huey Lewis’ song ‘Thank You No. 19’ could be read or sung as a prayer of thanksgiving, of thankfulness. I will leave you with parts of it.


I want to tell you ’cause it’s true

I want to tell you in a way that sounds new

It’s so old-fashioned – but that’s the way I feel for you

I just want to say thank you

For everything you do

Thank you for all the things that you do

Your love and kindness are heaven-sent

Now I know exactly what the man meant

When he said “Thank you for lettin’ me be myself”

I gotta say thank you

For everything you do

Thank you for all the things that you do

You’ve heard the title a thousand times

Same old message but I’m makin’ it mine

‘Cause I’m so thankful, you came into my life

I just gotta say thank you

For everything you do


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