A Prayer

Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the universe

We give thanks before You, Living and Eternal God,

You have given within us a soul of compassion;

How abundant your faithfulness!

How great your grace!

Surround us with Your light, Penetrate the very depths of our being with light.

Let there remain no areas of darkness in us,

Transform our whole being with the healing light of your love.

Open me completely to receive your love.

We give you thanks for the fruits of the earth in their season

And, for the labors of those who gather them.

We pray that You make us, faithful stewards of Your treasures and blessings,

For Our life, hope, joy and the relief of all those in need, to Your glory;

We pray that you make us instruments of Your peace

Today and tomorrow bringing Your love and grace to those who need it most.

Send us anywhere in this world You would have us go

Only go with us.

Place upon us any burden You desire

Only stand by us to sustain us.

Break any tie that binds us

Except the tie that binds us to You.

God of hope and safety, like sheep who go astray,

We have wandered from your paths of life and light.

We have heard Jesus calling us by name,

However, we have turned instead to our own way.

Show us your tender mercy; restore us in the security of your fold.

Lead us back to still waters, seat us again at your bounteous table.

Fill us with Your Spirit that we might bear glad witness to your saving mercy,

Revealed to us in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Follow our sacrifice with Your blessing that it may promote peace and good will to All,

And advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ,

In whose name we pray;




  1. Hello Isreal. Great prayer.


  2. Beautiful prayer, Robby! I’m re-reading it and praying it with you.

    • Thank you. Its the prayer I give when asked to say the prayer durring sunday service at my church.

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