Every Life Counts

God cares about everyone. There is not a single person, animal, or section of our universe outside of the love and care of God. Every life counts. Every life matters. God sees the pain of this life, hears our cry, and understands the brokenness and misery all too often common to life on earth. He does not want to pull us out, but gives us the strength to live here and now and to bring the love and grace of God found in Jesus Christ to others. Jesus was not about rescuing us from our humanity, the good and bad, but showing us how to live life to the fullest, love everyone, and stand up for the weaker and more needy among us. We need to share our faith, what Jesus has done in our life to others. Our task is not to judge, but to love, not to bash people with their shortcomings, but tell them of God’s incredible love for them.

Genesis 16:11 For the Lord has heard of your misery.

God hears our misery and acts on our behalf. Not by rescuing us, but by giving us a way through our pain and suffering. Jesus calls everyone and makes a way for us to have eternal life. Jesus lived a very human life and he knows about all the things we are faced with each day. Jesus knows about the hardness of life, but still says come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest. Jesus wants to help us, to lighten our load and guide us in the ways of life.

The study bible I am using to write my reflections on the bible says this bible verse (Genesis 16:11) is about abortion and how God feels the pain of women faced with this decision. It is true God hears the misery of women faced with such a choice, but I don’t think God would reject them for this. God is there with them and while abortion may not reflect the heart of God, but I know that hating or condemning women for considering or choosing abortion is definitely not what God wants. Killing doctors who perform these procedures also does not reflect what God wants.

God wants us to surround them with prayer, compassion, and practical help. We need to embrace women with the loving heart of our God. Maybe, if we were to gather around pregnant women in turmoil abortion would be a non-issue. Still some women who chose to abort, but we need to offer them loving kindness too. We are to love, to love everyone at all times. We are not to judge or force our perspective on anyone, but love is what we should bring to every situation.


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