Do You Believe That God Loves You

I have asked questions before through my posts.

I have asked if you really believe Jesus died for your sins. If you believe that Jesus dying on the cross has reconciled you and all of creation back to God. That Jesus has opened a path for you to boldly approach God. That Jesus’ selfless giving of his life on the cross ruptured the system and enabled God’s grace and forgiveness to flood all of creation.

Well, do you?

I have asked if you really want to follow Jesus. If you want to trust your life to Jesus and his teachings for your life, if you want to put your fate into the hands of man who manifested God so vibrantly that some left everything they knew to follow Jesus even if it meant death. I don’t think God is asking us to die for Jesus, but to live for Jesus and do what Jesus did. We are not to sacrifice our life, but to extend it out to others.

Well, do you?

These are both good questions. Questions I believe we should all ask. Asking these questions will deepen our faith and bring more authenticity to our Christian life. For our Christian life to mean anything, it must align all of our thoughts, actions, and words to those of Jesus. Jesus modeled what the Christian life is all about and if we were to boil it down to one word: it would be service.

Today, I would like to ask another question.

 A Very important question. A question that needs to be answered if you really believe Jesus died for yours sins and if you want to follow Jesus.

The question: do you really believe that God loves you?

Not in some general way, how God loves everyone and not in some impersonal way or as some theological or philosophical construct that has no basis in reality.

God loves you. Yes, you. In a deeply personal way.

God looks at you and loves you. God sees your faults, shortcomings, inadequacies, all the things you’ve done (good and bad), all the things you haven’t done and loves you anyway. God loves you in spite of yourself. God loves you fat thighs and all! God doesn’t ask you to change to suit his needs and whims.

God’s love is not conditional or fickle.

God loves you as you are, no strings attached, but way too much to leave you that way.

Brenan Manning: God loves you as you are and not as you should be! Do you believe this? That God loves you beyond unworthiness and unworthiness, beyond fidelity, and infidelity, that He loves you in the morning sun and the evening rain, that He loves you without caution, regret, boundary, limit, or breaking point? God’s love is based on nothing, and the fact that it is based on nothing makes us secure. Were it based on anything we do, and that “anything” were to collapse, then God’s love would crumble as well. But with the God of Jesus no such thing can possibly happen. People who realize this can live freely and to the fullest. Remember Atlas, who carries the whole world? We have Christian Atlases who mistakenly carry the burden of trying to deserve God’s love. Even the mere watching of this lifestyle is depressing. I’d like to say to Atlas: ‘Put that globe down and dance on it. That’s why God made it.’ To the weary Christian Atlases: ‘Lay down your load and build your life on God’s love.’ We don’t have to earn this love; neither do we have to support it. It is a free gift. Jesus calls out: ‘Come to me, all you Atlases who are weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you.’ My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.

Do you believe that God loves you?

Someone who I pointed this out to said that she didn’t believe it. She believes that Jesus died for our sins, but cannot accept that God loves her personally.

I will repeat here what I told her that to believe that Jesus died for our sins without believing that God loves us personally is wrong and only goes halfway. Jesus died on the cross to fulfill God’s love of everyone, God’s personal love of creation. The entire bible can be seen as an epic love story and the New Testament is one long love letter detailing the loving action of God in history and the first Christians response to it.

When I first heard of the truth that Jesus loves me and that I have done nothing to earn it, it seemed unbelievable at best and at worst a happy little story that had no reality. I now, thankfully know it’s true and try to live it out each day. I hope that you will discover and embrace this truth and it will infect your life as it has mine.

Do you believe that God loves you?


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  1. leeleegirl4

    I know for sure that God loves me immensely, even though too often I am anything but deserving of that love.

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