Reflect God’s Image

We are created to reflect the holy image of God. Through our faith in Jesus, we are renewed and aligned in the likeness of God. The bible speaks about this beginning in Genesis 1 leading up to 2 Corinthians 3 and Colossians 3.

Have you ever wondered what it means to reflect the image of God in the world?

I suggest we begin with love and service, but there is more. So much more that I can only touch on them here, it would take much more space than I have truly to explore this concept.

What does it mean for our personal lives that we are created in the image of God and are meant to reflect the image of God in the world?

As Christians, we must look at Jesus first when we want to see and know who God is exactly. Jesus is the decisive revelation of God. To see Jesus it to see God. There is no disconnection between Jesus and God.

To understand what it means to be a living reflection of God we must look at the way Jesus lived, loved, and died. Jesus was not concerned about himself, what others thought of him, making a good impression, or meeting the standard, that society set up. He was independent of the good opinion of others. He embodied an inner trust in who he was and what his purpose was in living. He lived in such a way that with each breath, each stride, and each action God was present. Jesus forgave all who came to him. Jesus healed everyone. Jesus loved everyone. Jesus stood up for the things God wants and proclaimed the Kingdom of God with word and deed.

John 10:10 is one example of what God offers to us in the life and resurrection of Jesus, life to the full or eternal life. This life doesn’t begin after death in some far-off celestial paradise. It begins here and now. It begins when we respond in faith to the gospel of grace. It continues as we live out our faith in the world. We reflect the image of God by living authentic lives that mirror the life of Jesus.

The good news that God loves us in spite of ourselves, beyond anything we have or have not done and wants a personal relationship with us should be expressed in each breath, stride, and action we take.

The homeless guy on the corner, the Wall Street tycoon, republican, democrat, schoolteacher, housewife, retiree, and internet blogger can equally reflect the image of God. Everyone can equally reflect the image of God.  In God, there is no one more special than anyone else. We are all equally endowed with the spirit of God. It’s just a matter of whether we will live with God or on our own.

To me, that is how we reflect the image of God.


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