Monthly Archives: December, 2011

Not Ashamed

I was going to respond to the Rick Perry commercial, but many people have already, so I would like just say that I am not ashamed of being a Christian. I am troubled by some of those who claim to follow the same Lord and Savior that I do. I would like to say a …

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Lighting The Candle Of Hope

My church lights a candle each week of Advent. The first candle is the candle of hope. I would like to share my reflections on hope. My intention is that my words will not only help you celebrate the Advent season, but live the season deep in your heart and to bring it into the …

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My Christmas Wish List

I remember when I was a kid I would make intricate lists of all things I wanted for Christmas. All the things I think that would make me happy. I would imagine ripping and tearing open the packages, encountering the things on my list. How very happy I would be at getting all the things …

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