Experiencing God Through The Beauty Of The Natural World

The moment I step out my door the beauty and simplicity of the natural world is waiting for me. I take a deep breath and a gentle breeze greets me. I am encouraged by the greenness of the grass and the solidness of trees to venture out for another day. Along my way more of the natural beauty is encountered and if I take a moment to take it all in and feel the beauty the more able I am to face what the world offers.

Am I ready to experience God through the natural world?

Creation sings yes every morning. I am not sure I am ready to sing along, to greet each day not with a sigh of frustration, but with a yes to what may come. The God of wonders is there waiting for me to sing along and to face both my problems and my comfort with an attitude of gratitude. Jesus says don’t worry for I have overcome the world. That means that I can live with a fearless ease that knows even in the worst that God will be there with me. I don’t face life alone. I am cared for and loved by the creator of the universe.

Do I live this way?

Not all the time. I fear that I will not ever find a job or meet that special someone. I fear that I will die young as my older brother did. I have anxiety over things that are not in my control. There are things that I can do to help myself. The rest is in God’s hand. I need to let God work through me for my good. The last year has been tough. My toughest, yet I have also been blessed with friends and community, with personal growth and a tested hope. I hope my fortunes will be turning around. Mother Theresa who said God only gives you what you can handle; I just wished He didn’t trust me as much as He does.

I still worry about things that are not in my control. When I am able to let go and enjoy the here-and-now I am more at ease and less stressed, but when life delivers jab or a right hook and I start obsessing over the lie of no and don’t let God’s yes into my vision I feel like a rat trapped in an impossible maze.

Experiencing God in the natural world means opening myself up the myriad of ways God’s presence can be felt in my life and the life of others. It means not being trapped my expectations and the ways I want my life to be. If I am willing to let God meet me where I am and receive God’s unconditional and limitless love and grace in the moment than my life will be uncomplicated with all the pressure I add.

The bible says do not fear and rejoice. Those are the very things I should do daily. I have nothing to fear if God is working for my good, which gives me cause to rejoice, to praise the many blessings that God has already bestowed on me.

It comes down to choice. Either I can live on the asphalt of the world of men and things or I can choose to live in the lush bounty of God’s love and grace.

May we all choose God’s love and grace over the pale parody the world offers.


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  1. erin schulman

    This is so good! And so true!

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