Update: This Facebook page has been removed.

I was just on facebook and stumbled on a page that is offensive, hateful, and outrageous!

I need to say something.

I am a Christian and I think that as Christians we need to stand up to injustice and hateful people. Many Christians in our history have spoken against outrageous and absurd people and events. I hope that others will stand with me and say we will not tolerate this anymore.  I need to stand up against what is wrong, even if I stand alone.

Bob Edgar said, “We need to stand up when others tell us to sit down, and we need to speak out when others tell us to be silent,”

Martin Luther King, Jr.: I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. (you could replace color with orientation)

This hateful and offensive page needs to be shut down ASAP!

I hope everyone lets Facebook know. 

Let Facebook and in turn the entire world know that love is louder than hate, that love is louder and more important than our differences.

There are a few places in the bible that is pointed when people want to hate and exclude LGBT people.  These same people and not all who bring up these verses from the bible are hateful people.  But, I think there are some who are just plain hateful, ugly people who need someone to hate so they can live with themselves.

 I say we interpret the bible through Jesus and the rule of love and that eliminates any verses that ask us to hate or hurt others.

It’s wrong to use social media to proliferate your hateful agenda. It is wrong to suck other people into your sick game and if you plan on doing, something more than creating a repugnant page than the police needs to get involved.

Jeffrey Tendick responded to this page with this beautiful message: People are people, and their sexuality does not make them good or bad, “worthy” of life or deserving of death. Grow up and learn the lessons of life, young fool. You are plainly wrong and you need to be educated about how wonderful life in all its diversity truly is. People who hate others are sadly lacking in all that makes us human. And that lacking thing is humanity. Go find some, before it’s too late for you.

Angie Roberts Spires responded by saying, This is truly sickening that someone would post such a message and have an event for it….Gays are people to they are human no one on this earth is perfect and that includes you the one that is so filled with hate for others cause their choices are different than theirs is…Facebook should shut this page needs to be shut down…

Someone on that page accused me of being gay and made a repulsive comment. All because I am standing up and saying this is wrong. I was not so upset of being called gay, as I was the venom that flung at me. I know I should have just ignored him.

I am saying that we need to stand against this and any other hateful actions that would make anyone feel less than human. I reject anyone else hating others. As a Christian, I am to love everyone and to stand up against people who would hate and harm others. I hope others will stand up with me and let others know that we will not be known by our hate, but by our love.

Jesus told us to love as he loved us.


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  1. Interestingly, Jesus never spoke a single word about homosexuality. Seems to be all Christians want to discuss and campaign about these days, yet Christ didn’t even address it. Nice post.

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